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Finding my Little India

It recently occurred to me that every city has a little Italy, but no city has a little India. Still, I shouldn’t have to travel 6831 miles back to Bombay to find really good khanna. So I made it my mission to scour Boston to find my very own spice of Bombay. I ended up finding it closer than I thought.

Let me explain. Freshman year, after a soppy Skype session with mother dearest, I found myself missing home, especially the food. What typical FOB behavior right? I yelped Indian food and a few clicks later, I found my home at Super 88.

Yes, you read it right – that sketchy looking, worn down, white and green colored building located at 1 Brighton Avenue. Who would’ve thought that an Asian supermarket could bring me home?

I ventured into the then intimidating Allston and there it was, a little fast food stall named ‘Jammu and Kashmir.’ its sign slapped onto the wall in all its shabby glory. Not only did it look like the streets of Bombay but it smelled like it too! Ah roadside food – every Bombaities happy place!

Aunty-ji (as I now call her) approached the counter to take my order, flashed me a motherly smile, and said, “Beta aap kya khoje?” (my child, What will you eat ?) Instantly I knew, this was going to be my place. Ten minutes later, she gave the best meal I had eaten since I had been in Boston: Spicy Paneer Makhani, Rice, Garlic Naan and Sweet Lasi!

Needless to say, I am now a regular. Every time I need a little motherly love and some home cooked food, I go to the little hole in the wall that’s become my Bombay in Boston.